Oh, you know, just another Half Marathon.

A half-marathon at Ft. Benjamin Harrison whose butt Sara and I kicked! Which butt? How should that sentence be written? I don’t care; it was amazing. I have never finished a race running harder or with less left. Again a sentence that doesn’t make much sense, but so it goes.

On Saturday, my good friend Sara and I ran the 17th annual Indianapolis Half Marathon at the historic Ft. Benjamin Harrison State Park. The day started dark, cold and stuff. I was (and still am, sadly) fighting a nasty chest cold. Mucus, coughing, snot – if it was ugly, I was it. Turns out Sara caught the same bug, so we were in the same boat. Nonetheless, we started our half-marathon series this year together with the Indianapolis Mini Marathon in May (my first ever half!) and were determined to give this one our all (I’m just full of cliche colloquialisms today). None for being extremely hilly and extraordinarily beautiful, neither of us had any aspirations of finishing fast – we just wanted to finish.

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Sara and I before the race. I’m both freezing and covering my bib so they don’t put me in a different corral.

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