Small Wins are Still Wins

Remember those goals I set yesterday? About creating? Booyah – time found. I made desktop backgrounds for my computer. I was going to try to make purses out of the bottoms of pants I turned into shorts for K-bob (re: I cut them below the knee), but one look at the fabric and the realization that I have thread in blue and black (the pants are brown and again, let’s not talk about supplies) and I decided “well, you want to do more graphic design, baby steps, baby girl, baby steps.”

Lo and behold (it’s a parenthesis kind of day, is ‘lo’ even a proper word?), new desktop backgrounds. Heck, if I had a printer, you better believe I’d have printed these babies out and put them on the fridge fifth grade-style.


(does the extra space hide how I couldn’t make them the same size on the blog, even though the pixels are the same? Thought so….)


These images were shamelessly ripped from the Tumblr Oh Pioneer, by the way. That tumblr is the life I wish I led most of the time.

Anyway, accomplishments from last night include: reading, cutting my jog short knowing 12-ish miles await me in the morning, creating these backgrounds and not being a turbo freak on K-bob. Win? You’re always strong on day one. Come find me on day 41…

Up this weekend: volunteering at the Back on My Feet/Planet Adventure (really have no idea who is in control here) trail run Saturday.

To make: we have a TON of peaches. As in K-bob went half-sies with someone for like a million pounds (we have two King Soopers bags full) of peaches. I’mma make me some peach preserves. And eat chicken with peaches and basil. Yes, chicken. Meat. An animal. It happens.

Thankful for: my incredible friends and family (as always). Special love today to Jenny, Thompson, Blanket and Janellelephant. And of course K-bob. Look at that, recognized gratitude.


Your Thoughts?

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