(Another) New Beginning

Hello everyone!

In an attempt to do something with my blog, I started where I was most comfortable: design. When given a task to accomplish (such as ‘design a new blog’ or ‘transfer your blog to a different host’), I’m capable. So here we go. Goodbye blogspot (not for any real reason other than I’m more comfortable with WordPress), hello WordPress!

This past weekend was spent running and recovering. I went on a fantastic (in hind sight…) run through Ft. Benjamin Harrison with my good friend Sara, “bright” and early on Saturday morning. By “bright” I mean it was 7 a.m. and dark. And cold. But the sun came up and the run was beautiful. I am not beautiful in this photo:

running, trail running, river, state park, friendship

The “deranged” look is common around mile 8. We were at mile 4…

However, the rest of the run looked like this. Notice how the absence of my face makes everything better:

Ft. Benjamin Harrison, trail run, running, morning, fall, river

The rest of Saturday was spent chilling with the parents in pjs (did I mention I had a death cold?), going shopping and an evening out with my man. Sunday was spent alternating between reading and the never ending pile of freelance work I have accumulated. Seriously, it’s like a blob. No matter how much I get done, it’s never enough.

Speaking of, I’m going to get back to doing just that: working on freelance work. Sigh. Anyone want to hire and actually pay me? Didn’t think so.


Your Thoughts?

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